Cockroach International Production

We called Cockroach International Production. We was born in September, 2016 thanks to hard work by Mekis and Winston Cobe, our founders. We are an association located in Brescia, a little city in the North of Italy. Where we live, we can find many artists, musicians and cinema production and everyone wants the same thing: defend your audio project against DDT attack.

What is for us DDT?
For us DDT it's a joke (we know) but we believe audio it's a real important part of every multimedia project. Not only in Music System. For example: try to image your TV ADV without a cool audio works? Or your voice over for Radio and Networks, your website, your app, your events etc.

Ok guys, but how many projects you have completed?
In one years (last update: April, 2018) we have completed:
25 Music Projects
18 Sound Design Projects
8 big Kulture Events
We create a Radio Show
4 Workshops
2 Web Audio Projects
Many Voice Over

Cockroach Main Team

MASSIMO MEKIS - President and Co-Founder

Road to Zion Dubmaster, DJ, Sound Designer and Producer. He was born in 1990 in Brescia where he created with Winston Cobe our Label. He loves Dub and Reggae Music. He is a Graphic Designer and Web addict.
In 2011, he started to move around Italy to play music in cool festival and live club as Estathé Market Sound (Milan), Festa Radio Onda d'Urto, Resta in Festa, Panke (Berlin), Analog (Berlin) Forest Summer Festival and many others.
He is a University Professor in Sound Design for Libera Accademia di Belle Arti.
He played in many events with artists as: Zion Train, Mad Professor, Marta Sui Tubi, Shandon, Meganoidi, Jah9, Dubamix, OBF SoundSystem, Shanti D, Piotta, Mellow Mood, Madaski from Africa Unite, Bugo, Fast Animals And The Slow Kids, IOSONOUNCANE and many others.

Sound Design - Mixing and Mastering - Music Producer - Kulture Events

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WINSTON COBE - Vice-President and Co-Founder

Psychedelia lovers, his favorite band is Nine Inch Nails. His first musical experience? Piano lessons during elementary school party. At 14 years old, he falling in love for guitar and with this instrumet he participated in various musical projects between Brescia and Bergamo. With the album "Super Ape" by Lee "Scratch" Perry discovers the dub music and so began his personal journey to discover the Jamaican Vibes and its priceless cultural and social heritage. Since November 2014 has joined with Road To Zion Foundation as bassist and producer.
He spends his days between electric guitar, bass and synthesizers, and weekends, if he plays with his band you can find Winston in manu Dub Conference for the Soundsystem culture.
Cockroach Int. Production Co-founder, he deals is music production.

Music Producer - Kulture Events

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STEFANO ZORBA - General Secretary - Linea di Confine Founder - Author & Copywriter

Zorba started as MC at 1999 in Milan, when Rap scenes in Italy was very very little and with not so much souls. In the same year, Stefano played his music before Piotta Live Show ( a very famous italian MC). In the same year, with 2funk and BCK he organized first Urban Flow Jam Festival. He repeated this great experience in 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2006 (the last edition). His history as MC is great. A lot a collaborations and featurings helps Zorba to grow up in this type of music and art. For example: L'Oceano delle Tem-Peste (2001 - 2funk & Neko), Musiche da Altantide (2005), Prima Legge di Murphy (2008) and Sogni Fatti a Mano (2015).
He played his music before very great Hip Hop artists like Bassi Maestro, Kaos One, Mistaman, Kaso & Maxi B e Gente Guasta. In 2014 with another nickname (na1ke) published a great music project called Io Dissento - Storia di un Impiegato: a beautiful remake of the music of Fabrizio De Andrè in rap style.
In 2014 creates with Loopin, Bert, El Veterano and Supa Kala Sons of Babel, first project of multilingual rap in Italy, and the album came out in October 2016. With this project Zorba played his music before a great rapper as Assalti Frontali, Stokka e Mad Buddy e Mezzosangue. In 2016 he wrote and published by Edizioni Alternative his first novel, Mi innamoravo di tutto – Storia di un dissidente.

Linea di Confine - Author - Writer - Hip Hop Art Director - Kulture Events

Linea Di Confine - Aforismi di Un Pazzo - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

ALFREDO MASI - Councilor - Author - Speaker

Great artist. Alfredo is a Cockroach ADV voice for Radio, Television and Cinema Production. Actor for many show, you can find Alfredo sit down on the chair with a glass of Wine and in his hand a pen: he will write your message.

Author - Speaker


MATTEO BALBO - Councilor - Hip Hop - Radio Speaker

Balbo, starts to broadcasted his selection on Radio Onda d'Urto in 90's. Great experience, he talks and plays with many cool artists in Hip Hop and Reggae scenes and clubs.

Hip Hop - Radio Speaker


Cockroach Artistic Crew

VALENTINO DOTTI - Beatmaker - Sax Addict

Very young but with Audio Engineer culture in his blood: Valentino aka DasBoot (his Electro Project with Calvin Campbell) was born in Brescia. He falling in love with music thanks to Sax and audio software. He's a sublime DJ and with Mekis, in 2016 founded Obeah Collective Music: Bass Music addict with mask.
You can find Valentino, in Cavalli Store (a great Music Store located in Brescia) and in our studios and on stage.

Music Producer - Audio Engineer - Beatmaker

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